NCEA Exam Revision

Here you will find an abundance of resources to help you with your NCEA exam study.

Debate Teams and Moots

The teams, moot assignments, and sides of the debates are outlined below. Remember, our first debate takes place on Monday 19th October. In literature, the creator is compelled by a didactic imperative. Affirmative: Phoebe W.,

Argument Approaches

A breakdown of the ways you can approach an argument.

3.5 The Battle is On!

The NCEA speaking task for the year. Debating!

3.3 Unfamiliar Text

A preview for the practice exams.

3.8 Significant Connections

The assessment task for the 3.7 internal.

Film Terminology

A glossary of film terminology.

3.4 Writing Portfolio Task 2

The second writing portfolio task for this year.

Black Swan Analysis Tasks

The round up tasks for our study of this film.

Black Swan: Reviews

Written reviews that we used as part of our exploration of this film.

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